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Goblin Green Great White Chalk Refill (2-Pack)

  • $ 2499

Take a bite out of the competition!

Great White is consistently being rated the number one chalk on the Market.  It ia 100% made by us in Knoxville, Tennessee..

Great White is only one of 2 Cosmetic Grade Chalks on the market and is priced where it won't break your bank account.

Every piece of Great White includes a Neodymium Magnet Ultracleared to the bottom of the piece so you have options on how you want to keep up with it.

Each piece weighs in at a whopping 25+ grams which dwarfs the competition and ensures you get will get months of use from each piece...

This listing is for 2 Pieces of Great White both in the Goblin Green Color in a chalk vault. There is no clip included.

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