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Mixed Set (1)Mako Blue and (1)Sand Shark Great White Chalk Refill (2-Pack)

  • $ 2499

Take a bite out of the competition!

Great White is consistently being rated the number one chalk on the Market.  Made by us in Knoxville Tennessee and not just made FOR us like so many chinese imported chalks with US Branding, Great White is only one of 2 Cosmetic Grade Chalks on the market and is priced where it won't break your bank account.

Every piece of Great White includes a Neodymium Magnet Ultracleared to the bottom of the piece so you have options on how you want to keep up with it.

This listing is for 2 Pieces of Great White one in the Mako Blue color and one in the Sand Shark (light tan) in a chalk vault. There is no clip included.

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