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$24.99 Your Choice of Great White Refill in Mako or Thresher W/ Pocket Chalker or Clip & Cap

  • $ 2499
  • Save $ 14

Extended thru 9/23

$24.99!! Your Choice of a 2pack of Great White Pro Chalk in Mako Blue or Thresher Blue and we will toss in a Cap and Clip or a Pocket Chalker..  Your Call!!!!

Great White is one of 2 cosmetic grade chalks and the only one that is American here in Knoxville TN...  Give us 30 days to retrain your brain!!!! 

Contrary to un-educated opinions that chalk is chalk, premium chalk allow you to hit further from center reducing miscues and allowing more english, They eliminate slipping which improves your position play and slows down tip glazing and they actually require less chalk to do the job so your hands and equipment will stay cleaner... Players are getting over a year of use out of one cube when used properly..

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