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THE INTERNATIONAL Accu-Rack Template SET (SOLO, Diamond 9 and Pro 10) W/ Tube PLUS 3Ball and 2 Break Circles.

  • $ 2499

Limited Edition THE INTERNATIONAL (Includes the Souvenir Insert and 9Ball Templates that will be used at the tournament instead of our stock versions.)

Full Set of templates Solo, 9 Ball and 10 Ball in a carrying tube PLUS a 3 Ball/Speed template and 2 Break Circles.  

Accu-Racks are the next generation of templates. With proprietary design and a material choice that mimics the cloth these are the templates the pros request more than any other.

The propreitary geometry allows balls to be frozen when all others fail. Load 8 push forward to lock the center and load the others for a perfect rack.

AS OF 9/27/2018 WE ARE ALSO INCLUDING a 3 Ball Template and 2 Break Circles to help save your cloth with every full template set... 

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