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**Mr600 John Schmidt Sale Techno-Dud Playing Tip (3pack)

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Outsville wants to congratulate John Schmidt on his historic run!! 626 shattering a 65 year old record held by Mosconi.

Yes the rumors are true that John was using a Techno-Dud while accomplishing the new high run and I apologize for not confirming it to many of you in pms until I had a chance to come up with a way to compensate John..  John chose the dud without us sponsoring him just on the merits of the tip and to have used his name and accomplishment without some plan in place for him would have been something I would and could never do...  



After being asked for a few years and seeing a local installer have total fits looking for a consistent dud it was time..

Our Techno-Dud is not your normal milk dud... Ours is milk-free..  We formulate an emulsion made from lab grade casein stocks so that we can control the consistency and quality on every batch to be the same... 

The Techno-Dud plays like a medium and grips like a softer tip. 

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