Soooo. What causes skids and kicks.....

Is it the contact marks or something else??
We all saw the videos where they actually chalked the contact points with a cube of chalk and then showed the skid but that’s called junk science. The contact patch left after impact is a totally different animal and the abrasives which are large and heavy fall onto the cloth and what is left are fillers and dyes. If you chalked your tip with fillers and dyes you would miscue because they do not have any grab.
So if its not the blue spot on the ball what does it?? Strachan which is one of the oldest snooker cloths paid a lab to figure it out. After they spent well over $100k US. the lab came back and explained that it was static. The abrasives while falling off at impact were being picked up by the cueball because of static charges when temp and humidity was condusive to static being created. Go look Strachan now has a static treatment. 👍🤔😁
We saw this at the US Open first year we used the Duramiths. We saw this at Sancastle for 14.1 when they lost an AC unit. And we saw this at DCC when we had a hige front come in with the back doors open for the smokers. Those are the only 3 events I have done in 14 years where we saw real skids happening often and not misses.
A pro yells skid every miss until the replay plays. I do the replays for Accu-Stats so I am the official ”yell stopper” and “got slugged” stopper when I show them the money ball didnt move and they just missed it.