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Outsville, Inc.

Accu-Rack Diamond 9 Template (Flat Packaged)

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Accu-Racks are the number 1 template on the market. Used in the 2015, 2016, 2017 US Open 9Ball Championships, 2018 US International 2018 WPS events, 2019 WPS Grand Final and 2019 Derby City Classic and several hundred events around the world on 9fts and Barboxes alike...  

Accu-Racks use proprietary geometry and a polyester slurry coated materials so they can work where other templates have failed..  Load the front 8 balls push forward to make room for the back ball, touch em up and you have a fair and frozen rack in 30 seconds or less......

Because of the materials chosen these will last months longer than the plastic competition....

This listing is for the 9ball Version of the Accu-Rack packaged in a protective tube to make transport easy.