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"ON THE MONEY" Drill Set... (STD and XL)

  • $ 1999

Outsville Exclusive!!!!

Need a way to start measuring your progress or don't know where to start?? We can help!!!  Grab a set of the templates and we will toss you into the FB group where you can get ideas and share as we alllllll  learn....

Can't make a game with your buddy and you both need some practice on some key shots anyway??  "ON THE MONEY" may be the answer..  I suggest just stocking up on $1s tho because that $5 circle is an elusive little bugger...

*Set Includes the "ON THE MONEY" target, 10 Object Ball markers and 2 Cue Ball origin marker.  

Upgrade  to the XL (+$5) set and it will come with 4 cue ball origins 15 Object Ball Markers and 2 Landing Targets

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